R Packages


The R package VCERGM implements varying-coefficient random graph models (VCERGMs) on dynamic networks. Available on GitHub.

2. ‘DigiPheno’

The R package DigiPheno preprocesses and visualizes smartphone or wearable device data. It also provides functional data analysis approaches to analyze the data. Available on GitHub.


Lecture Notes & Slides

1. SAS Lecture Notes

I have taught P6110: Statistical Computing with SAS for 7 semesters. Topics covered in class include:

  • data manipulation
  • data summary and visualization
  • hypothesis testing
  • linear regression models
  • generalized linear models
  • survival data analysis
  • longitudinal data analysis

I would be happy to share my lecture notes. Relevant SAS example codes are also available upon request.

2. Beauty of ggplot2

This pdf contains my presentation materials comparing base plots and ggplot in R.

3. How to Build an R Package

It is a quick tutorial on how to build your own package in R. I presented this at WCM Biostatistics Computing Club, which I founded and maintain. There are biweekly informal meetings of sharing cool coding skills and introducing new packages in various statistical softwares – check out more resources on its website!